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Restaurant Insurance Nevada

Restaurant Insurance in Nevada

What is restaurant insurance?

Operating a restaurant involves significant risk, as everything from property damage to serious foodborne illness can result in major expenses that an eatery has few resources to recover from. To help Nevada eateries in these situations, there’s restaurant insurance.

Restaurant insurance offers coverage that’s specially tailored for restaurants. Policies usually come with both restaurant liability insurance coverages and restaurant property insurance protections.

Restaurant Insurance Nevada
Restaurant Insurance Nevada

Restaurant policies are primarily used to insure sit-down restaurants. Most diners, fine dining establishments, family restaurants, bistros and similar eateries in Nevada should have this insurance.

Food service businesses that don’t have a sit-down dining area might need a different type of food service insurance. Caterers may want catering insurance, and food trucks would likely be better off with food truck insurance. These are just a couple of examples of the many different policies that are available for food service businesses.

Sit-down restaurants that offer catering or operate a food truck should make sure that their restaurant policy adequately covers this component of operations. An insurance agent who specializes in these policies can ensure that all of a restaurant’s operations are properly covered by a policy.

A typical restaurant policy encompasses several liability insurance coverages. These can offer protection against diverse liability risks. Some typical restaurant liability insurance coverages include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Often covers common incidents like, slip and fall accidents, that can occur on restaurant property. May cover accidents occurring in the restaurant, on an outdoor patio, in the parking lot, in the kitchen (for vendors) and anywhere else.
  • Liquor Liability Coverage: Often covers situations involving patrons who have been over-served alcohol. May cover issues such as slip and fall accidents, assaults, alcohol poisoning and DUIs when a customer is intoxicated.
  • Product Liability Coverage: Often covers instances of foodborne illnesses, resulting from improper food or beverage preparation, that lead to customer sickness. May cover medical expenses and other costs associated with severe cases.
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage: Often provides additional protection against high-cost lawsuits that exceed the limit of another restaurant liability insurance coverage.

An insurance agent who specializes in these policies can explain each restaurant liability coverage in more detail.

Product liability insurance is crucial for restaurants as the food and beverages they serve are considered products. Any harm caused by these products, such as foodborne illnesses, could result in a lawsuit against the establishment. 

While a customer might be unlikely to sue over a single case of commonplace food poisoning, they certainly might if a case of E.coli or salmonella is contracted. The costs of such a lawsuit only multiply if multiple people become ill.

In light of these potential costs, product liability coverage is a recommended part of restaurant liability insurance. It’d probably cover lawsuits like these.

Restaurant policies often come equipped with various property coverages, such as:

  • Commercial Building Coverage: May protect buildings owned by the restaurant, along with other structures on the property (e.g. a separate patio).
  • Tenant’s Betterment Coverage: May protect improvements made to a rented restaurant space, including both back of house and front of house.
  • Commercial Contents Coverage: May protect refrigerators and freezers, kitchen equipment, decore and seating furniture, POS systems and other items.
  • Food Contamination Coverage: May protect against specific instances of food spoilage or contamination, safeguarding both ingredients and prepared dishes.
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How can Nevada restaurants secure a restaurant insurance policy?

If you’re a Nevada restaurant owner looking for the right insurance coverages, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Mountain Pacific Insurance. Our dedicated team will work with you to identify your coverage needs, and then help select a restaurant insurance policy that provides the robust protections your eatery needs.

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