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General Liability Insurance in Nevada

General Liability Insurance in Nevada, California, Arizona & Oregon

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General Liability Insurance Nevada

General Liability Insurance in Nevada

What is general liability insurance?

Many Nevada businesses are exposed to fairly common risks, and ones that are more particular to their operations. There are numerous specialized insurance coverages for the more particular risks. For the more common ones, there’s general liability insurance.

General liability insurance provides a foundational layer of protection for businesses, covering many common risks. Everything from slip-and-fall accidents to false advertising suits may be covered.

General Liability Insurance Nevada
General Liability Insurance Nevada

Almost any business in Nevada could benefit from general liability insurance coverage. Few businesses aren’t exposed to any of the broad risks it helps protect against.

Despite operating on a smaller scale, home-based businesses still face various liability risks. From potential accidents to defamation claims, any lawsuit can be financially draining for a smaller business. 

For this reason, general liability coverage is highly recommended for home businesses. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting a full-fledged general liability policy, however. 

Some homeowners policies offer basic business coverages for a home business, such as general liability, through an endorsement. An endorsement is an add-on that gives specific protections beyond what’s standard for the policy. Rates are usually quite affordable.

If an endorsement is unavailable, then a general liability policy might indeed be helpful even for a small home business. An insurance agent who specializes in general liability will be able to assist with assessing a home business’s need for this coverage.

General liability insurance coverage often offers several protections against common liability risks. Typical protections include:

  • Premises Liability Coverage: May protect against accidents happening at the business’s premises.
  • Bodily Injury Coverage: May protect against injuries suffered by third parties (e.g., customers, suppliers) on the business’s premises.
  • Property Damage Coverage: May protect against damage to third-party property’s property, possibly at either the business’s premises or third party’s location.
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage: May protect against allegations of defamation, slander, or false advertising.

General liability typically doesn’t provide coverage for auto accidents. For this, businesses usually need some type of commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto can be paired with general liability in most situations.

Businesses involved in manufacturing or selling products might face product liability risks, whereby they’re held liable for products that cause damage or harm. 

Some general liability policies may offer a certain degree of product liability coverage that protects against this risk. Product liability isn’t always in general liability policies, though, and it’s often extremely limited even when it is included.

For significant product liability risks, businesses should consider product liability insurance. In most cases, this too can be paired with general liability as part of a package policy. 

Premiums for general liability policies vary, depending on a business’s location, any property’s size, whether the business has previous insurance claims, and many other factors.

An independent insurance agent can help businesses request custom quotes from several insurance companies, to see how much coverage will cost.

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How can businesses in Nevada find general liability insurance?

While general liability can be purchased as a standalone policy, it’s more often bundled with other coverages. 

A business owners policy (BOP) combines general liability with other basic coverages for small businesses, possibly including protections like business interruption coverage and commercial property coverage. A commercial package policy (CPP) has more flexibility, allowing businesses to pair general liability with many other coverages.

For help finding the right general liability insurance for your Nevada business, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Mountain Pacific Insurance. Our experienced team can guide you through the available options, and help identify the best insurance solution for your business. We’ll make sure you have the general liability your business needs, as well as any other coverages.

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