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Garage Keepers Insurance in Nevada

Garage Keepers Insurance in Nevada, California, Arizona & Oregon

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Garage Keepers Insurance Nevada

Garage Keepers Insurance in Nevada

What is garage keepers insurance?

Businesses that assume responsibility for customer vehicles could be held liable if anything happens to those vehicles. An accident, burglary or fire of just one car could be expensive to remedy, not to mention the potential cost of multiple vehicles being damaged. Garage keepers insurance may help protect Nevada businesses from this risk.

Garage keepers insurance provides specialized coverage for businesses that assume responsibility for customer vehicles. Policies mainly protect against damage to customer vehicles.

Garage Keepers Insurance Nevada
Garage Keepers Insurance Nevada

Any Nevada business that temporarily takes possession of customer vehicles may need garage keepers liability insurance. It’s important whether parking, towing, storing or otherwise keeping a vehicle. 

Since the insurance might be helpful to any business that takes customer vehicles, a lot of different businesses end up getting this insurance. Some examples are:

  • Car dealerships with service centers
  • Independent auto repair shops and garages
  • Quick lube and oil change places
  • Towing companies and owner-operators
  • Police departments that tow vehicles
  • Trucking companies that use non-owned equipment
  • Storage facilities that accept cars, trucks or trailers
  • Valet parking services

Whether this or another coverage is better for valet parking services depends on the specific coverage needs of the business. An insurance agent who specializes in garage keepers liability insurance can help valet parking businesses decide whether this is the best option for them. 

An agent can also help any other business that’s unsure whether garage keepers makes sense for their situation.

The specific claims covered by a given garage keepers liability policy depend on the terms and conditions of the particular policy. Depending on these terms, the policy might cover claims arising from:

  • Multiple vehicle accidents
  • Single vehicle accidents
  • Extreme weather events (like hailstorms)
  • Theft and acts of vandalism
  • Fires and related incidents
  • Various other unexpected causes of damage

Most garage keepers policies don’t include coverage for customer belongings that are left inside vehicles, which is one reason why valet parking services should consult with a knowledgeable insurance agent. Many businesses address this by posting explicit policies that hold customers accountable for their own belongings. 

If a business does want coverage for customer belongings, a specialized insurance agent can check whether any garage keepers policies make this protection available.

Garage keepers liability policies generally don’t cover vehicles owned by the business itself. It usually only provides protection for customer vehicles while they’re in the business’s care. 

Coverage for business-owned vehicles, including comprehensive and collision coverages, is normally obtained through a separate commercial auto insurance policy. Commercial auto might be purchased separately from garage keepers, or combined with it in a package policy (more common). 

The cost of garage keepers policies can vary significantly based on a range of factors. The number and average value of customer vehicles, the location of the business, and the business’s recent insurance claims history all usually influence premiums, and so do many other details.

For an accurate cost estimation, businesses can request and compare customized quotes with the aid of an independent insurance agent.

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How can businesses in Nevada get garage keepers insurance?

For assistance finding a good garage keepers insurance policy, reach out to our team of independent insurance agents at Mountain Pacific Insurance. Our Nevada-based agents will work with you to identify the garage keepers policy that’s best suited for your business.

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