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Contractors Insurance Nevada

Contractors Insurance in Nevada

What is contractors insurance?

Nevada businesses that are in the construction sector face a myriad of risks, including equipment theft, employee errors, vehicle accident and more. Contractors insurance may serve as a safeguard against many such risks.

Contractors insurance is tailored for the unique risks that come with construction. Most policies have several coverages, and offer both property and liability protections.

Contractors Insurance Nevada
Contractors Insurance Nevada

Many businesses in the construction industry and trades can benefit from contractor insurance. General contractors, specialized contractors, tradespeople and others in Nevada might get the insurance. A fuller list of example businesses that could likely use this insurance includes:

  • General contractors, new construction companies and developers
  • Renovation and remodeling businesses
  • Demolition businesses
  • HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, roofers, stonemasons and others
  • Landscape architecture specialists
  • Marine construction specialists

Although all these varied businesses may need a contractors policy, not all businesses need an identical policy. Contractors policies have many coverage options that can be adjusted for a business’s specific needs, and businesses should work with a specialized agent to customize their policy.

Contractor insurance policies provide a diverse range of protections. Some frequently included coverages are:

  • General Contractor Liability Insurance: May protect against routine accidents resulting in third-party injuries, like common “slip and fall” incidents occurring at the contractor’s facility, customer’s location, or job site.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: May protect contractors against liabilities and physical damages associated with the use of vehicles in their business operations, possibly covering trucks, vans and other vehicles.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance: May protect against extended liability risks where legal expenses and settlements exceed the limits of other liability insurance coverages.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: May protect a contractor-owned facility and the contents inside it, often including tools, equipment, supplies, fixtures, furniture, electronics and other items.
  • Inland Marine Insurance: May protect tools, equipment, and supplies when in transit between job sites and the contractor’s facility.
  • Contractors Equipment Insurance: May protect tools, equipment, and supplies stored at job sites.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance: May protect against sudden breakdowns of vital equipment that need immediate repairs before the contractor can continue working.
  • Builders Risk Insurance: May protect against risks specific to the construction industry, such as those related to construction and the materials, fixtures, and equipment used.

General contractors liability insurance and the other contractors liability insurance coverages normally help with legal fees and settlements related to any covered lawsuits or claims. Help generally begins a covered claim is filed and before a lawsuit concludes, ensuring contractors have timely access to legal defense resources.

An insurance agent experienced in contractors liability insurance can provide more detailed information about these specific coverages. They’ll be able to guide contractors through customizing a policy for their situation and needs.

Contractors usually require some form of commercial auto coverage for their business’s vehicles. There are several options depending on what vehicles a contractor has:

  • Personal pickup trucks and vans that are used for work might be insured through a personal auto insurance policy endorsement.
  • Business-owned pickup trucks, cargo vans and other smaller vehicles might be insured through a commercial auto insurance policy.
  • Business-owned box trucks, tractor trailers, lowboys, cement mixers, dump trucks and other larger trucks might be insured through commercial truck insurance.
  • Multiple business-owned vehicles of any type might be insured through fleet insurance, which is usually for 5 or more vehicles.
  • Employee vehicles used for work might be insured through hired and non-owned auto insurance.
  • Rented vehicles might be insured through hired and non-owned auto insurance.

A knowledgeable agent can assist contractors with sorting through the option,s and selecting the right auto coverage for a business’s vehicles.

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How can Nevada construction and renovation businesses get contractors insurance?

If you’re in the construction or renovation industry and seeking insurance, contact our team of independent insurance agents at Mountain Pacific Insurance. Our Nevada-based agents will collaborate with you to find a contractors insurance policy that provides the protections your business needs.

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