Empowering Women: One Outfit at a Time!

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Our team here at Mountain Pacific feels so humbled to be in a position to give back. This quarter, we would like to raise support for our local chapter of Dress for Success because we believe every woman should be encouraged to realize her full potential and our agency wants to help eliminate any barriers that prevent them from achieving financial independence.

Poverty affects individuals on many different levels and for women, it can cause deeper emotional repercussions that hinder their well-being. We feel it’s so important to address the struggles mothers and women face in order to tackle the issues and ultimately improve the quality of life for them and the people of our communities. In fact, recognizing the significant role of women in economic development is not just the right thing to do but the smart thing to do too. Dress for Success Bakersfield responds to the needs of our county by providing programs that help economically disadvantaged women acquire jobs, retain their new positions, and succeed in the workplace.

Since opening its doors in September of 2012, Dress for Success Bakersfield has served over 2500 women. The professional clothing, employment retention programs, and ongoing support that they provide represent faith in every woman’s ability to be self-sufficient and a successful professional!

You can be part of this noble cause by simply referring our agency to anyone you know for a FREE no-obligation quote and we will donate $10 in your name. It’s simple, easy, and will leave you with the feeling of doing something worthwhile.

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