January Team Member Spotlight: Tammi

Last Updated: July 26, 2023By

Meet this month’s team spotlight, Tammi! 💃 Tammi is our Agency Manager and she’s the one making sure our team is always performing at our peak!
Tammi is also sometimes referred to as a ‘gearhead’! That’s because she has a sweet ride – a Dodge Challenger and she loves cars overall.

Tammi loves rowing her own gears and would never be caught driving an automatic! Please help Tammi save the manuals 🚗and bring back joy to driving! … Besides cruising in her sweet stick-shift ride, Tammi loves books and all things reading. Although loving both of those things, she never does them at the same time! 🤣 Stop by our office to say hi to Tammi and ask her about her latest read! 📚 💚

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